for the first time in spainfrom 29th november to 32st may

Game On,
the largest video
game exhibition

From Mario to Lara Croft, Pong to Street Fighter, the largest international video game exhibition comes to Madrid. We invite you to explore (and play) some of the best games from the 70s to today. The vibrant history and culture of the video game through a spectacular montage. For gamers, nostalgics and curious people of all ages.

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Fundación Canal opens its doors to Game On, the vibrant history of the video game, with a new and spectacular montage. An exhibition that is seen and ‘played’. A fantastic day out to enjoy with family and friends.

Fundación Canal
Sala Castellana 214
Paseo de la Castellana 214, Madrid

+34 915 45 15 00

Tickets from €5.
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From Spacewar!, the first video game (1962), to the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies; the arcade and the most famous consoles; games from around the world and the most popular characters; design and marketing, independent games; cinema and sound. Un recorrido inmersivo por seis décadas de creación y entretenimiento.

Discover the history of the video game
and play over 150 titles

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